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5 Tips for a perfect Dry Brushing

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Dry brushing is a beauty ritual that is proving to be very successful. Celebrities like Selena Gómez, Miranda Kerr or Gwyneth Paltrow have already tried this fantastic Ayurvedic ritual and the best facialists like Joanna Vargas and Mariona Vilanova also recommend it. Keep reading this blog to discover everything about this healthy phenomenon!

What is dry brushing?

Dry brushing is an ancient exfoliation technique that adds smoothness and radiance to the skin and has also become a viral trick as an anti-cellulite remedy. This technique or ritual is also known as Garsham in India.

The effect of dry brushing is similar to that of a scrub and is performed on both the body and face but is not suitable for people suffering from rosacea, psoriasis or eczema.

How to dry brush? We tell you 5 tips

  1. Choose your brush

The brush can for example have a handle to reach more difficult areas such as the back and can be made of firm plant fibres. You can also opt for a hand brush and if you are new to dry brushing, opt for a brush with medium to soft bristles.

  • Use the brush in the shower or bathtub

Use the brush on dry skin before showering or bathing – don’t forget to apply body lotion afterwards!

  • Learn well how the technique is performed

The movements, strokes and their direction depend on the area of the body to be treated. Each region should be worked in upward circles, with constant and long-lasting movements.

Start with the soles of the feet and legs, brushing in firm vertical movements from bottom to top (moving towards the heart). Make circular movements on the armpits, abdomen (counterclockwise), buttocks and hips instead of short, firm strokes. On the arms, start with the hands and move the brush upwards.

  • Brush gently

When brushing, apply pressure, but do not overdo it because the skin is sensitive. After brushing, the skin is usually a little red, but it should not be very red or irritated, if it is, it is because you have brushed too hard. Remember not to brush over open wounds, cuts, moles, warts or recently waxed skin.

  • Clean your brush once a week

Wash your brush with warm water and mild soap and let it dry before using it again. If you can dry your brush in the sun or outdoors, all the better.

Remember that the basic guidelines for using this technique are to do it before showering or bathing and every day, the real key is consistency!

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Benefits of dry brushing on the skin

The best known benefits of dry brushing are as follows:

  • Improves circulation.
  • Removes dead skin cells, cleans pores and softens the skin.
  • Reduces cellulite.
  • Helps with fluid retention.
  • Strengthens skin elasticity.
  • Increases the production of collagen fibres and improves firmness.
  • Cleans sinuses.
  • Provides energy and helps to release stress.
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system which helps to eliminate toxins.
  • Helps maintain proper functioning of the immune system.
  • It de-inflames the eyes and redraws the oval of the face.
  • Exfoliates remains of self-tanning, either to prepare the skin for self-tanning, to even out the tan or to tan naturally.

Dry face brushing

Dry facial brushing should be done in the morning with dry skin before proceeding with face cleansing. Dry facial brushing usually starts at the centre of the neck and works its way sideways up to the jaw. Then continue behind the ears up to the collarbone and apply light to medium pressure to stimulate the lymph nodes. We continue with the forehead, making a fountain jet shape with the brush, from between the eyebrows to combing the arches above the eyebrows.

Gentle circles are made around the eye contour and then move on to the cheekbone area. Finally, the décolleté is combed from the centre to the arms. And remember, brushing should not last more than 3 minutes.

Then we can proceed with the face cleansing and apply some facial oil or moisturising face serum with a short massage to nourish our skin very well. The dry brushing technique with a soft bristle brush is perfect for sensitive skin that does not tolerate classic exfoliators. If dry brushing is chosen, it is recommended to use face scrubs once a month.

It is not recommended to use this facial exfoliation technique on extremely dry skin, sensitive skin or skin with severe acne.

How to clean your body brush

As we have already said, we should clean our body brush with warm water and neutral soap because body brushes accumulate grease, dead cells and dirt.

Then rinse it well and dry it (preferably outdoors) to prevent mould and mildew. If you don’t have space outside, some people usually dry it in winter with a hairdryer or leave it on the radiator.

Types of body brushes

There are many types of natural bristle brushes with ergonomic wooden handles for dry brushing and here are some of them:

Agave bristle brush

Goat hair brush (very soft and effective)

Cactus brush

Boar hair brush

Brush with pony hair bristles

There are also other types of exfoliating scrubs for dry brushing, some of them are as follows:

Exfoliating bamboo shower scrub glove

Hemp scrub glove

Luffa or loofah sponge

Vegetable sponge

Horsehair glove

Body care after dry brushing

After dry brushing it is very important to moisturise the skin afterwards with products such as body cream, body oil or natural moisturising oil (almond oil, jojoba oil, etc…). Dry brushing prepares the skin to better absorb the active ingredients of products and amplifies the action of creams and treatments (e.g. anti-cellulite or rejuvenating treatments).

Experts claim that this technique improves the quality and texture of the skin. Show off your glowing skin and treat yourself to this gift for your body. Enjoy this Ayurvedic practice and great detox technique for your skin and enjoy this wellness phenomenon now!

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