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8 Beauty trends to watch out for in 2022

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In 2021, DIY beauty trends such as skin icing have triumphed and beauty techniques such as TikTok have gone viral on social media. Keep reading this blog to discover all the beauty trends that will triumph in 2022!

Fermented skincare

This 2022 trend is being driven by the Asian cosmetics market, which is attracting interest in products such as kombucha.

The natural bacteria in fermented skincare products are supposed to extend the shelf life of cosmetic formulas. Fermentation helps to break down active ingredients into small, simple molecules, so they are more easily absorbed by the skin. The good news is that this can result in less irritation, so this type of skin care would work very well on drier skin.

Anti-stress over Anti-aging

Due to the stress caused by the pandemic, cases of atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and acne have skyrocketed. This is why many now spend more time on holistic treatments, relaxation techniques, drinking more water or performing skin care rituals using soothing facial tools such as the jade roller or gua sha, facials at home or performing a good nightly skin care routine.

The new Glow

This beauty trend of 2022 is about not just settling for glowing skin or a radiant, healthy complexion, there will be an obsession with radiance and this will be especially in make-up. There will be more use of cream blushers or stick blushers, bronzing powders and highlighters.

Skincare against blue light

In 2022, this beauty trend is coming on strong. As there is growing concern about the effects of blue light on the skin, hyperpigmentation and premature ageing, there will be an increase in cosmetic products with enhanced SPFs because they will now protect against blue light. You will now be able to find an SPF that protects against HEV (high energy visible light) or light face mists to complement your protection throughout the day.

beauty trends 2022

Skin friendliness

During the pandemic there have been many problems with maskné or hyperpigmentation and products such as retinoids and acid peels have come on the market which may be a bit aggressive for some skins as redness, sore spots or scaly skin have appeared. Sensitive skin has become prevalent during the pandemic.

Therefore, this year cosmetic brands will focus on creating products that are less aggressive (such as ceramides or jojoba oil), fast-acting and that protect and nourish the skin barrier to maintain a healthy and diverse microbiome.


This 2022 will see a rationalisation of cosmetic skincare products, a more minimalist skincare routine, a move away from lengthy skincare routines and the use of gentler, plant-based ingredients.


During 2021 micro-dosing, i.e. using small amounts of vitamin C, exfoliating acids and retinol to avoid any skin irritation, was on trend. Well, in 2022 micro treatments such as mini facials, which are simply using facial tools such as a face roller using quality oils in the skincare routine instead of using overpriced facial treatments.

Food for the skin

In 2022, the beauty industry will be “upcycling” and using ingredients such as oat husks, paper from cocoa bean shells (chocolate waste), waste from the wine industry, olive leaves or hemp.

In short, 2022 according to experts will be the year when the beauty trend will be “less is more”, people will use fewer products in their skincare routines (beauty routines will be reduced to a minimum), adopt gentler ingredients for the skin and opt for nourishing and repairing the skin barrier. This will be the year when everyone will want to have a “dolphin face”, i.e. radiant, healthy skin, and the #cleanlook. Sustainability will also play an important role, with more emphasis on “slow life” and skin protection. What about you? Which trend do you think will be most popular in 2022? Share your bet with us!

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