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8 Tips to take care of your lips this winter

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Our lips are constantly exposed to the sun, cold and wind, especially now in autumn and winter. Lips have a very sensitive and thin skin, so sometimes they can look dry and chapped, but we have a solution for you! In this blog we give you 8 tips to take care of your lips this winter, keep reading to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

Basic tips to take care of your lips

Hands up anyone who has ever had excess lip skin, chapped lips or suffered from dryness in cold weather! We are constantly exposed to heating and cold temperatures and it is normal for this to happen. If you want to avoid chapped lips this winter and have perfect lips, without the feeling of tightness, don’t miss the following tips to take care of your lips this winter!

Exfoliate your lips at least once a week

Just like the skin on your face, your lips also have a beauty routine that includes weekly exfoliation and daily moisturising.

One home remedy you can use as a lip scrub is a sugar and honey mask or a combination of beeswax, coffee and sugar. These natural exfoliants are used in a circular motion to remove dead cells from the lips.

Take care of the lip contour

Our eye and lip contour cream with hyaluronic acid, retinol and high-quality Mediterranean ingredients is perfect for moisturising the corners of the lips, the nasolabial folds and can also be used as a cream for wrinkles between the eyebrows! Are you going to miss out on this multi-faceted cream?

Moisturise your lips

Try using natural lip balms, a lip balm with shea butter or rosehip oil, these natural ingredients deeply nourish and regenerate the skin.

You can also make a homemade cream with olive oil and avocado or use almond oil or honey, these homemade products will help you fight against dehydrated lips.

tips for lips care

Apply balms with sunscreen

Dermatologists advise using lip balms with sun protection factors on a daily basis and, if possible, lip balms with Vitamin E because it is a good antioxidant.

Protect the skin of your lips not only in summer and use lipsticks with SPF 15 or higher, you must protect them from UV rays.

Avoid licking or biting your lips

Enzymes in saliva can cause irritation, so try applying a moisturising lip gloss instead of moisturising your lips with your tongue.

Maintain good hydration

You should drink two litres of water daily because lack of hydration leads to dry, wrinkled lips. If you retain moisture, your lips will look plump and soft.

Avoid excessive caffeine consumption

If you are a heavy tea or coffee drinker, we have to warn you that caffeine contributes to dehydration of the lips internally so try not to overdo it during these months!

Avoid matte or long-wear lipsticks

It’s best to use hypoallergenic, moisturising lipsticks without preservatives or colourants and avoid using matte or long-wear lipsticks.

Lip care with the use of Covid face masks

This year we continue to use Covid-19 face masks, so you may notice that your lips become drier and more chapped than usual. The constant use of face masks creates a bit of stress and can cause premature ageing of our skin, and there can also be a bit of inflammation of the skin because of 2 factors, humid conditions and high CO2 levels. Therefore, we advise you to follow all these tips from the list to avoid the side effects of the mask on your lips.

We hope you have found all these lip care tips useful and above all… put them into practice!

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