Benefits of organic cosmetics

9 reasons to switch to organic skincare

There is currently a craze for organic and eco-friendly skincare and it is a growing trend. More and more people don’t want to put chemicals into their bodies and the same goes for organic food. It has been proven throughout history that natural ingredients offer great benefits to the skin. Keep reading this blog if you want to find out more about organic skincare!

What are organic cosmetics?

Organic cosmetics or eco-friendly cosmetics are those that use natural products that come from organic farming. The ingredients of natural origin must be at least 95% and if they contain more than 5% of chemical, industrial or hormonal elements, it is no longer considered an organic product.

An organic product must not contain preservatives or synthetic perfumes, colourants and must also be free of mineral oils derived from petroleum.

Why organic skin care?

At Mediterranean Spirit we make sure that the cultivation of our ingredients respects the environment and existing resources, but also that the people who work on them are treated properly. We are honest when we show the ingredients of our cosmetic products, all are natural and we specify when we use an organic ingredient, these are certified ECOCERT Cosmos Organic and other certificates known in the sector, our laboratory selects the best natural and organic active ingredients so that you can benefit from them.

We also offer vegan skincare, we indicate it on the product page and you can also check it in the INCI (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient), we invite you to visit our natural and organic skincare online shop!

Why organic skin care is important

More and more people suffer from sensitive skin, allergies, rashes and irritations because many cosmetics contain chemical ingredients. Organic skincare eliminate these chemical substances such as parabens, synthetic perfumes, colourants and aluminium and replace them with ingredients of natural origin.

Why choose organic skin care?

Organic skincare does not contain pesticides, chemical additives, genetically modified organisms, chemical fertilisers or industrial solvents. Organic skincare uses natural and biodegradable ingredients that are non-toxic to humans and the environment. Furthermore, it cannot be tested on animals.

Why organic skin care is better?

When natural products, of which organic cosmetics are composed, are applied to the skin, they are better absorbed and make the skin healthier, lighter and softer. However, if you use more processed products, your skin will have a harder time absorbing them.

Benefits of organic skincare

Why organic skin care products are best?

Organic skincare products are hypoallergenic, respecting even the most sensitive skin. They do not contain perfumes, chemicals, colourings, dyes or artificial oils in their formulation, the skin is therefore free of toxins and would not have to react with an allergic outbreak. It is very effective for skin problems such as eczema or rosacea.

Benefits of organic cosmetics

If you switch to organic and natural skincare, you should know that you will be able to enjoy all these benefits:

Responsible consumption

Organic skincare is the best option if you want to adopt a philosophy of responsible consumption. You will find national cosmetic brands and local producers who are committed to social welfare. In addition, it is a good opportunity to activate the local and national economy.

No allergies

Their use does not usually produce side effects as they are made with ingredients of natural origin.

Active ingredients

Natural products contain high levels of active ingredients, the composition is of high quality.

Care for the environment

This skincare is environmentally friendly as it does not contain petroleum-based compounds, unlike polluting industries that do use them.

It is less aggressive

As it does not contain chemicals or petroleum derivatives, it has a more respectful effect on our skin, promotes better skin health and leaves it softer.

They are perfect for tailor-made treatments

Most organic cosmetics are designed for tailor-made treatments because you can choose the products that best suit your needs.

What are organic skin care ingredients?

The most commonly used ingredients in organic skincare are essential oils, hydrolats, waxes, vegetable oils, natural plant extracts, butters, etc… Some examples are aloe vera, macadamia oil, shea butter, rosehip, argan oil, chia oil, avocado oil, rosemary extract, chamomile extract or clay.

Why organic cosmetics are better?

Organic skincare is much more respectful of the skin’s pH than traditional cosmetics because they do not contain parabens or toxic agents. Their active agents are highly antioxidant and this visibly improves the appearance of the skin.

More and more people have already incorporated organic skincare into their beauty routines and follow an eco-friendly lifestyle. Enjoy a natural beauty in which you are the protagonist, we bring everything we know and we are committed to providing you with the best of nature. Will you allow us to join you?

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