Aluminium-free deodorants

Aluminium-free deodorants, a healthy alternative

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Deodorant is probably the most used hygiene and personal care product on a daily basis by everyone on the planet… There is a new trend of aluminium-free deodorants, but are they really effective and healthy? Many people are wondering which is the healthiest deodorant on the market – read on to find out all about them!

What is an aluminium-free deodorant?

Aluminium salts are found in the composition of antiperspirant deodorants, but for some time now this has been controversial because they supposedly have harmful effects on health (some dermatological experts say that it can lead to breast cancer, but there are not many conclusive studies on this).

There is now a trend in society to use more natural products and more and more people are looking for aluminium-free deodorants. Cosmetic products or cosmetics without parabens, sulphates, aluminium, colourants or alcohol are also in demand, which is why there are more and more brands that formulate cleaner cosmetics.

There are deodorants with mild protection that combat bad odour (with bactericidal action) and do not contain aluminium salts and antiperspirant deodorants that prevent the production of sweat, blocking the sweat glands.

A deodorant without aluminium salts prevents the odour of sweat but does not block its production, the only thing it does not prevent are stains on clothes around the armpits.

Why does sweat smell bad?

Sweat helps us to regulate our body temperature and to eliminate toxins. Sweat does not actually smell, it is the excretions of the bacteria that feed on the sweat that cause the odour.

There are substances that act as a natural deodorant and some of these are corn starch, essential oils and baking soda.

How do I know if my deodorant contains aluminium?

Aluminium salts are hydrated aluminium and zirconium hydroxychlorides. They are listed in the INCI as Aluminium Chlorohydrate (usually the most common), Aluminium Zirconium Pentachlorohydrate (aluminium and zirconium salts), Aluminium Chloride, Aluminium Chlorohydrex, Aluminium Chlorohydrex PG, Aluminium Fluoride and Aluminium Sesquiclorhydrate, among others.

As we have mentioned before, brands are increasingly opting for cleaner formulas, deodorants without aluminium salts and are creating 0% aluminium deodorant lines, trying to create fewer antiperspirant formulations.

Types of deodorants

Types of deodorants

If you are wondering which format of deodorant is best for you, here is a list of deodorants that you can use depending on your skin type or when you are going to use it:

Roll-on deodorant

This deodorant is ideal for dry and sensitive skin because it produces freshness when applied and forms a light layer of grease on the skin.

Cosmetic brands tend to enrich the formulas of this type of deodorant with organic, natural and vegan ingredients. On the market you can find some vegan deodorants without aluminium salts in roll-on format.

Deodorant stick

It is designed for all skin types, although if you are one of those who sweat a lot, it may not be for you. Sometimes it can cause the skin to become lumpy from too much product.

Spray or aerosol deodorant

If you’re in a hurry, this is perfect for you because it dries quickly. And if you live in a warm climate, it’s an ideal format. This type of deodorant tends to have a higher concentration of perfume and its fragrance lasts longer.

Organic cream deodorant

They are usually easy to apply, with a smooth and creamy texture. There are some on the market that are formulated without bicarbonate, without antiperspirant agents and without aluminium salts. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin.

Alum stone

Alum stone is used as a natural deodorant and is also a unisex deodorant. It is a stone in cylindrical form which is composed of mineral salts of natural origin (Potassium alum) or synthetic origin (Ammonium alum).

Alum stone has antiperspirant properties, it reduces perspiration by about 30% (and antiperspirants on the market usually reduce perspiration by 50%), i.e. you sweat but you manage to control odour, but be careful! If you have a very strong body odour, this type of deodorant may not be enough.

This deodorant is applied to damp skin, rubbed on several times and left to dry before putting on clothes. You can find it in herbalist shops, online cosmetic shops, some supermarkets or in specialised shops.

The deodorants without aluminium that the most demanding people tend to look for on the internet are:

Natural deodorant cream

Natural vegan deodorant cream

These 2 types are usually deodorants with baking soda and are suitable for normal, dry or oily skin.

In the vegan deodorant the beeswax is replaced by the shells of berries from the Morella Pubescens tree.

Deodorant without baking soda

They are available in 2 different formats:

Natural deodorant without baking soda in cans

Natural deodorant stick without baking soda

The latter 2 are usually used by people with sensitive or more reactive skin. It is recommended to apply 2 applications during the day. They are usually formulated with corn starch.

Cruelty-free deodorant

Zero waste deodorant

Cruelty free because they are not tested on animals and zero waste because they do not generate any type of waste.

Plastic-free deodorant

These are deodorants that do not use plastic packaging but aluminium or glass.

Which deodorant would you choose?

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