Benefits of seawater on the skin

Seawater has multiple benefits on our skin, slows down ageing, achieves a healthy skin and favours its stability and metabolism. The Romans, Greeks and Egyptians already knew about its properties and practiced hydrotherapy, balneotherapy (thermal and medicinal waters) and thalassotherapy (seawater).

The composition of seawater is very rich because it contains elements such as iodine, fluorine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, sulphur, chlorine and sodium. These keep our skin healthy, elastic and nourished. If you don’t want to miss any of its benefits, we encourage you to keep reading this blog!

Properties of seawater on the skin

The water of the Earth’s seas is salty because of the concentration of dissolved mineral salts it contains, which is about 35 grams per litre on average. This saline solution is very effective for atopic skin and for treating atopic dermatitis.

Seawater has elements present in the human body such as amino acids, minerals, trace elements and vitamins. In addition, it replenishes minerals in the skin that are lost through sweat, such as magnesium, which improves the appearance and hydration of the skin, and has a repairing effect.

Sea salt contains calcium and iodine, which help maintain the balance of the cells, so your skin will always look beautiful and healthy. In addition, sea salt is a natural antiseptic and has an astringent effect that makes impurities disappear and helps heal and scar minor wounds, abrasions, cuts and rashes in the superficial layers of the skin.


Seawater is very rich in microorganisms that produce antibacterial, antibiotic, antiseptic and antimicrobial substances, which is why it helps to disinfect wounds and infections. It is ideal as a natural treatment to fight allergies, eczema, psoriasis or flaking and thanks to its antibacterial action, it is perfect for formulating cosmetics for oily skin or for treating acne and makes pimples and blackheads disappear.

Seawater acts as a natural exfoliant and helps to remove excess oil, skin toxins and dead cells so it is a good treatment for cracked heels and calluses. This also promotes circulation and brings luminosity and beauty to your skin.

Remineralizing detox mask

At Mediterranean Spirit we use remineralising seawater active in our purifying nutritive face mask. In the INCI (product ingredients) you will find it under the name of Maris Aqua. From the very first application, your skin tone is unified, pores are clean and less visible and redness is reduced, and you feel a unique icy cool effect. Get a luminous and flawless skin! You deserve it!

As seawater is one of the natural cosmetic ingredients that provides the most properties, benefits and nutrients to the skin, a wide range of cosmetics can be made, some of which are tonics, soaps, shower gels, creams and shampoos. Watch out! If you are going to make homemade preparations with this ingredient, you should not use just any beach water because it may be contaminated. It is advisable to buy it from places specialised in selling cosmetic raw materials with certified quality.

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