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Body oils have been used for centuries, there are nourishing, moisturising and protective body oils. Vegetable body oils are a perfect alternative to conventional cosmetics. Keep reading this blog if you want to find the best body oil for you!

What are body oils?

Body oils are one of the most important cosmetics for the body because they help to balance the skin, protect it from external aggressions, moisturise and give it luminosity and flexibility.

Body oils are usually extracted from seeds, flowers, roots or bark and provide multiple essential lipids. These oils also smooth and soften expression lines and act as anti-ageing oils.

Types of body oil

There are many types of body oils on the market and here are some of them:

  • Firming body oils

These oils help to restore muscle tone, activate circulation and reduce fluid accumulation. In natural cosmetics online shops you can find many types(anti-cellulite and firming concentrate, detox and firming body oil…).

  • Anti-stretch mark body oils or body oils for pregnancy

The body oils recommended for pregnancy or postpartum are those that prevent stretch marks and cellulite. If you choose a good anti-stretch mark body oil for pregnancy or a good anti-stretch mark and firming cream, your skin will always be firm, elastic and smooth.

  • Anti-cellulite body oils

These body oils moisturise, tone and firm the skin. They fight cellulite and reduce the orange peel effect. There are different types (dry body oil, anti-cellulite oil…).

  • Body oils with extra moisturisation

These oils repair and protect dry and dull skin. In addition, they do not leave a greasy feeling on the skin and are soft to the touch. On the market you can find them under the name of hyper-moisturising body oil, moisturising body oil or total moisturising body oil.

Benefits of using body oils

Natural body oils

The best-selling and best-known natural body oils on the market are the following:

  • Rosehip body oil

We could say that rosehip oil is one of the best known and most used body oils in recent years because it prevents the appearance of wrinkles, reduces scars and combats stretch marks.

  • Sweet almond body oil

It is one of the oils that fights the signs of ageing, soothes and softens the skin texture. This body oil is highly recommended for skin with dermatitis or burns, sensitive and delicate skin.

  • Wheat germ body oil

This oil is suitable for mature, dull, undernourished and dry skin because it has emollient and antioxidant properties. It gives the skin elasticity and is very effective against wrinkles.

  • Argan body oil

Perhaps one of the most coveted body oils on the market thanks to its high concentration of Vitamin E. This oil regenerates tissues and has antioxidant properties, making it perfect for mature skin.

  • Avocado body oil

This oil penetrates more easily due to its density. It is high in vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene, improves the elastic properties of the skin and regenerates tissues. It is used to treat eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, scars and is ideal for dehydrated, dry and mature skin.

  • Virgin coconut oil

It combines very well with other vegetable oils, has toning properties and protects the skin from external factors. It is ideal for dry skin.

How to apply a body oil

Before applying a body oil, exfoliation should be carried out to facilitate its penetration into the skin. It is then recommended to use it on damp skin so that it is absorbed more quickly and 5 minutes before getting dressed.

Apply a small amount in circular motions. There may be areas such as elbows and heels where you need to insist because they tend to dry out more.

Benefits of using body oils

Here are some of the most notable benefits of body oils:

  • They have a much longer lasting effect than body creams. This is because the oil seals into the skin and gives a more moisturised and smoother appearance.
  • They are very effective because they cover more areas of the skin with a smaller amount.
  • They spread much more quickly.
  • Some have relaxing scents that help combat stress.
  • They are often cheaper than body creams or body lotions.

How to choose the best dry brushing body oil?

The best body oils to use after dry brushing are natural and organic body oils because they make your skin glow and do not harm your health. The most recommended are vegetable oils that are organically produced, of good quality and that have been extracted by cold pressing.

And you? What body oil do you use? Comment below ūüėä. If you don’t use any yet and try any of the ones we have mentioned in this blog, we assure you that they will become one of your favourite organic body cosmetics!

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