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Borage oil is a vegetable oil extracted by cold-pressing the seeds of the borage plant. Originally from Egypt and Syria, it was brought to Europe via Spain by the Arabs. It is used in cooking and medicine but is also increasingly used in natural cosmetics. Whether you are passionate about dermo-cosmetics or want to know more about this versatile and fantastic oil, we encourage you to keep reading this blog!

Properties of borage oil for the skin

Borage oil is rich in linoleic acid (omega-6) and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). The former limits water loss from the skin and confers nourishing and softening properties.  The latter has anti-inflammatory qualities and reduces redness, itching and skin irritation. It also makes the skin supple and moisturised.

Borage oil is rich in tannins, which improve capillary circulation, organic silicon that reduces wrinkles and flavonoids that fight inflammation and have a high antioxidant power.

Borage oil is very rich in antioxidants, is absorbed very quickly and contains vitamins C and E which fight premature skin ageing.

It is used as an ingredient in many types of cosmetics such as anti-stretch mark creams, body creams, hand and foot creams, facial cleansing products, facial creams (anti-acne creams, creams for sensitive skin, anti-wrinkle creams, creams for very dry skin, etc.) and hair products because it prevents hair fragility, is nourishing, quickly absorbed, non-greasy and has sebum-regulating properties.

borage oil

Benefits of borage oil

Borage oil is used to treat acne marks and wounds, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, skin irritations, couperose, bags and dark circles under the eyes.

It reduces skin dehydration, provides elasticity, regulates excess sebum and reduces the formation of wrinkles, preventing the loss of collagen.

As it is high in omega 3, it nourishes, moisturises and regenerates mature skin, which is why it is recommended for use during the menopause as it repairs skin and dryness.

Uses and applications of borage oil

When applied to the skin as a natural cosmetic active ingredient, it has toning and emollient properties.

Borage oil helps nails to grow and regenerate. When applied to the hair, it also provides a lot of moisture, prevents split and brittle ends, restores radiance and gives vitality and strength to the hair.

This oil can also be used in homemade facial or hair masks, to remove make-up and to exfoliate by mixing it with sea salt or green clay.

At Mediterranean Spirit we use organic borage oil in our anti-ageing moisturising face cream. You can find it under the name of Borago Officinalis Seed Oil in the INCI (product ingredients). This face cream is perfect for your daily facial routine – your skin will stay hydrated 24 hours a day and look much brighter and juicier! It is also ideal to mix this oil with other oils and our anti-wrinkle face cream also combines tiger nut oil, pistachio oil and organic grape seed oil!

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