Ghassoul: The Moroccan golden clay

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Ghassoul also called rhassoul or rasoul is a Moroccan mineral clay that has been used for centuries in Morocco and areas of the Middle East as a natural cosmetic. Just as argan oil is called liquid gold, this clay is considered the golden clay because it has fantastic properties for the skin, body and hair. Want to know more about it? Keep reading this blog!

What is the origin of ghassoul and its name?

Ghassoul is extracted from a mine in the Moulouya valley, located in the Moroccan Atlas near the city of Fez.

The name ghassoul comes from the word “ghassal” which means wash in Arabic. As mentioned above, this clay has been used by Moroccan women for centuries. Its main application is on the skin of the face and body but it is also used to care for the scalp and wash hair.

Its main characteristic is its high absorbing power, both of fat and humidity, that is why it is used in Arab baths or hammams, spas, relaxation centers and beauty centers. Its absorption is far superior to that of other types of clay.

Benefits of ghassoul or rhassoul and where it can be found

Ghassoul is a clay very rich in minerals such as silica, iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium oxide, trace elements and pro-vitamins.

This clay can be found as an ingredient in body or facial masks, gels, creams, soap or shampoo.

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What type of skin or hair is it used on?

Ghassoul is suitable for all skin types, it cleans and purifies the skin of the face giving it luminosity and a very pleasant texture. It can also be used as a light exfoliant for face and body that cleanses in depth and helps the regeneration of the skin.

This clay has foaming properties and is applied to the hair as a soap to remove excess oil and dandruff. It can also be applied to all types of hair to which it provides flexibility, volume and shine without altering the natural keratin. On dry hair you can add a little argan oil and it will provide maximum hydration!

Don’t worry about how to remove it because it is removed with a gentle wash.

Does it cause dryness, allergies or irritation?

Ghassoul does not cause irritations, allergies or dryness. It cleans and exfoliates without removing the oily layer that protects the skin. It is indicated for people with allergic skin problems and as a treatment for inflammations, psoriasis, acne and skin rashes.

At Mediterranean Spirit we use the ghassoul clay in our new purifying face mask as one of our main ingredients. If you want a clean, impurity-free, tight-pored skin, why wait to test the effect of this golden clay on your skin!

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