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From the age of 30 onwards, according to several studies, 50% of women have dark circles under their eyes due to stress or tiredness, as well as the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines because cell renewal slows down. Did you know that the skin around the eyes is 3 times thinner than the rest of the face? That’s why you need to invest in a good eye contour cream if you want a treatment without going under the knife. If you want to know some expert tips to get a younger look, tricks to make your eyes look younger without surgery, beauty tips on how to get a youthful under eyes or a definitive guide to a younger-looking eyes, continue reading this blog!

Now you can say goodbye to dark circles, finel lines, wrinkles and bags! Get a younger and revitalised look!

Dark circles under the eyes: Types, causes and treatments to eliminate them

Experts recommend starting to take care of the area around the eyes from the age of 25. There are several types of dark circles under the eyes:

  • Dark circles under the eyes due to sagging (crow’s feet)

Retinol is recommended for this type of dark circles because it stimulates collagen production and the cells take longer to age.

  • Pigmented and dark circles under the eyes

They are usually dark or brown in colour and appear due to excessive melanin production. Their origin is usually due to genetic inheritance.

  • Bluish dark circles under the eyes

These are associated with blood microcirculation problems in the area. They are usually common in fair-skinned people.

The most common causes of dark circles under the eyes are due to tiredness, our lifestyle, genetics or other factors such as fluid retention, hormones or even suffering from eczema or atopic dermatitis.

Treatment to eliminate dark circles and bags under the eyes

If you want to get a treatment to eliminate dark circles and bags here we can name some of them:

Eye lifting treatment

Dark circles under eyes treatment

Intensive eye contour cream

It is important to take care of the eye contour with specific products. If you want to reduce the signs of ageing and fatigue around the eye area, you need to reinforce the skin’s natural defences. These treatments minimise puffiness and dark circles and provide radiance.

The best eye creams for a rested eye look

If you need to eliminate dark circles and puffiness and want to look radiant and fatigue-free, you should use a good eye cream morning and night. Try to find an eye cream that accelerates cell regeneration, reduces wrinkles and expression lines and restores firmness. You can opt for any of these:

Anti-ageing eye contour cream

Draining eye contour cream

Anti-puffiness and anti-dark circles eye contour cream

Antiage eye contour cream

Anti-fatigue eye cream

Anti-wrinkle and anti-dark circles cream

Revitalising eye contour cream

Anti-puffiness eye cream

Anti-wrinkle eye cream

Anti-dark circles eye contour

Anti-wrinkle eye contour

Restorative eye cream

Anti-ageing eye contour

Lifting eye contour cream

Our eye contour cream is perfect for treating dark circles, puffiness, swelling due to lack of sleep or stress, wrinkles and fine lines or crow’s feet, it is also a very versatile cream! It is a multipurpose cream, you can use it as an anti-wrinkle cream for the lip contour, cream for marionette lines or nasolabial folds, cream for sagging eyelids or as a cream for wrinkles between the eyebrows.

Dark circles under eyes

Our anti-wrinkle eye cream has a light texture, is very moisturising, absorbs very quickly and has a very pleasant light citrusy Mediterranean lemon fragrance that fills you with energy!

Thanks to the prickly pear seed oil, we offer you an eye cream with a botox effect, perfect for a rested and rejuvenated look. It replenishes and reconstructs the dry and thin skin around the eyes.

We use high quality Mediterranean oils of natural and organic origin and have enriched it with hyaluronic acid, retinol and rosehip oil to further improve the appearance of fine lines around the eyes, improve the texture and tone of the skin. Suitable for sensitive eyes, it’s a must-have in your summer toiletry bag!

Beauty tips for younger-looking eyes

Here are a few tips to add to your beauty routine to give you a great look:

  • Stay hydrated and get at least 7 hours of sleep.
  • Avoid refined salt, alcohol and eat more fruit and vegetables (especially those containing vitamin K because they decongest).
  • Avoid using cotton pads to remove make-up, do not remove make-up abruptly. Opt for make-up remover balms in oil format suitable for eyes.
  • Do not apply eyeliner or dark eyeliner under the lower lashes, as this will make your eyes look smaller and droopy.
  • Tie your hair up in a half-up or ponytail as this tightens the scalp and makes your eyes appear higher and more slanted.

How to get rid of dark circles under the eyes naturally

The following foods are classic for reducing dark circles under the eyes and giving a fresh look:

  • Cucumber, it has anti-inflammatory and refreshing properties.
  • Cold infusions of camomile, peppermint, green tea or mint.
  • Strawberries, they provide minerals and antioxidants.
  • Kiwifruit, with a high vitamin and antioxidant content.
  • Raw potato (sliced or grated).

You can also get rid of wrinkles around the eyes and get a younger look with these products:

Eye contour serum

Eye patches

Hydrogel eye patches

Anti-dark circles patches

Anti-fatigue eye contour patches

Eye contour patches

Decongestant eye patches

These patches are the secret of celebrities to achieve an instant lifting effect or good face effect. They mitigate signs of fatigue, firm the area, brighten, enhance the look and rejuvenate the face.

These eye patches also decongest the skin in the eye area and provide freshness after continuous exposure to the sun.

The best creams for eye contour care

The best creams to care for the eye contour are those that moisturise, soften expression lines and firm the skin. If you want to choose a good eye contour cream depending on the type of under-eye circles, this is the way to go:

  • Eye contour with caffeine, to reduce puffiness and improve blood circulation.
  • Eye cream with retinol, to reduce fine wrinkles, crow’s feet and dark circles with brown pigmentation.
  • Eye contour cream with vitamin K, to reduce darker pigmentation.
  • Eye cream with hyaluronic acid, acts as a depigmenting agent.

If you want to make a shock plan for your eyes and achieve a youthful look, we recommend you try our revitalising eye cream because:

  • It helps restore firmness and elasticity to the eye contour.
  • It is smoothing and firming, smoothes, brightens and plumps the eye contour.
  • Diffuses the signs of fatigue, you will get an awakened look.
  • Maintains hydration for 24 hours.
  • Fights signs of ageing, both visible and micro lesions or micro fissures.
  • Leaves the area luminous and dark circles less visible.
  • It also serves as an anti-wrinkle lip cream.

Make your eyes look younger. Look stunning and try our sensorial and effective skincare!

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