How to use the ice globes

Ice globes, the new skincare obsession

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After the success of the gua sha and the jade roller or quartz roller in 2021, ice globes for the face are all the rage in 2022. This beauty gadget is a passion for make-up artists and celebrities all over the world and thousands of videos on TikTok and Instagram are recorded with these refreshing balloons. Do you know how to use them and what effects they have on the skin? Keep reading this blog to find out all about this trendy facial tool!

What are cooling globes?

Cooling globes are tools that are used for facial massages and also improve the penetration of cosmetics into the skin. Actually, these facial tools replace ancient beauty practices such as frozen rice water or frozen cucumber.

This self-massage technique is very beneficial for stimulating the muscles of the face and neck, redefines the facial oval and with the exercises the skin is freed of toxins, the appearance of wrinkles and the loss of firmness is delayed.

How to use the ice globes

These trendy cold massagers need to be in the freezer before use, either overnight, morning or afternoon. Experts recommend massaging after your skincare routine for best results.

These ice globes are applied to the face in upward movements for a few minutes, starting with the chin, then the jawline, moving up to the cheekbones and ending at the outer eye area where they are used to smooth and reduce crow’s feet. If you want to blur the lion’s wrinkle, go up the sides of the nose and work on the wrinkles on the forehead.

What are cooling globes?

Benefits of ice globes

This icy facial massage cools the blood vessels, allows the body to pump more blood (stimulates microcirculation) and helps to achieve smooth, fresh, plump and youthful skin. Some people recommend using these ice globes on top of a soaked tissue mask or cloth face mask because the ingredients interact with the skin.

These ice globes reduce pore size, brighten the face, reduce acne scars and redness, improve blood circulation, eliminate puffiness or swelling and leave a refreshing feeling on the face. They also help to maintain skin firmness and increase elasticity.

After skin icing, this is the new facial ice treatment or facial cryotherapy. With the ice globes you get for example a flash effect that deflates bags, eyelids, reduces dark circles and relaxes the muscles as well as achieving a detox effect and reducing and preventing wrinkles and expression marks.

If you already practice face yoga, use a facial tool like this one and also use high quality natural and organic skincare like ours, you are sure to have a healthy face with a good face effect! Remember that you must be constant because only then will they be effective. Do you dare to include this new tool for the face in your beauty routine?

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