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Kaolin, the clay that purifies the skin

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Kaolin is a natural clay mineral that is composed of aluminium silicates. It can be white, pink, dark brown or beige depending on the place of extraction and the compounds it contains. It has many traditional and industrial uses, from ceramic production to skin care products.

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Properties and benefits of kaolin

Kaolin is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, healing and exfoliating. Its components include calcium, zinc, magnesium and silicon.

Calcium improves tissue bonding, zinc synthesises proteins such as collagen, magnesium rebuilds the tissue and repairs the skin barrier and silicon provides more elasticity to the skin and strengthens the tissue.

Uses of kaolin

In the world of cosmetics, kaolin is used as an ingredient in face masks because it removes dead cells, absorbs excess sebum and impurities and is a good exfoliant for the skin. Unlike other clays, kaolin can be applied to sensitive skin because it exfoliates very gently and does not irritate.

Kaolin is also used in hair masks, solid shampoos, solid soaps, cream or gel masks, deodorants, natural toothpaste or toothpaste, facial powders, facial scrubs, sun products, body emulsions and lotions, lipsticks, make-up palettes and even in baby products.

There are spa treatments, beauty treatments, cosmetics or therapies in which clays are used, some of them are clay treatment, pelotherapy and the use of clay and paraffin.

At Mediterranean Spirit we use kaolin or white clay in our ice effect detox face mask in addition to ghassoul or rhassoul. You can find it in the INCI (product ingredients) under the name of Kaolin and we assure you that after its application you will notice your skin is fresh, clean and bright! It is very revitalizing, remineralizing and has a disinfecting and detoxifying action. You will notice your skin is more elastic, more nourished and hydrated because it acts on the deep layers of the skin.

Our face mask is also ideal for skin with acne or acneic tendency because it decongests the skin and reduces inflammation. It can also be perfectly used by people with dull, mature and sensitive skin.

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Types of clays

Clays are a natural source of minerals and trace elements for the skin.

The most commonly used clay minerals in natural cosmetics are kaolinite, talc, smectite, hectorite, illite or bentonite and paligosrkite.

Kaolin is also known as Chinese clay and it is the one we use as we have said before. Other known clays are red clay, yellow clay and green clay. We will talk a little more about them below.

The red clay is of volcanic origin and its colour is due to the content of hematite or oligisto and the oxides of iron and copper. It is a fatty clay and has less absorbent capacity than other types of clay but it is used for treatments of cellulite, couperose, psoriasis, itching, excessive perspiration or acne. It stimulates very well the lymphatic system and the blood supply. In the INCI it appears with the name of Illite or kaolinite.

The yellow clay has a high iron content and almost no aluminium. It is a soft clay and is suitable for combination, dry and sensitive skin. In the INCI it appears with the name of Illite. It is often used as an active ingredient in skin and hair care products. It provides deep cleansing and offers luminosity and health to the skin.

Green clay or montmorillonite contains magnesium and iron oxides. It is firming, detoxifying and toning and is therefore used to cleanse pores, exfoliate dead skin and reduce blemishes. In the INCI it appears under the name of Illite, bentonite or montmorillonite.

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