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Sea silt or marine mud has many benefits on our face and body, providing minerals and beneficial health properties. They have been used since ancient times by the Greeks and Romans because they have preventive and curative properties and the best known places where they can be found are the Dead Sea and the Mar Menor in Spain.

Sea silt is a sediment from the sea floor and is considered very valuable as it is one of the purest natural products on the planet. If you don’t want to miss anything about it, we encourage you to keep reading this blog!

Properties of sea silt on the skin

Here are some of the properties of sea silt on the face:

  1. Eliminates dead skin, performs a deep cleaning leaving the skin free of toxins and oxygenated, thus activating cell renewal and the skin is toned and moisturized. It has a gentle exfoliating action that removes hardness from heels, elbows and calluses.
  2. It is an excellent anti-seborrhoeic, unclogs pores and is therefore ideal for oily skin. It also helps fight acne and rosacea.
  3. It is anti-ageing because it favours the disappearance of wrinkles and expression lines. It provides elasticity, vitality, firmness and softness to the skin.
  4. It balances the Ph of the skin. It restores its natural flora, creates a protective barrier that neutralizes aggressive agents and prevents the proliferation of bacteria.

In addition to being used as a facial treatment, silt is also used for body treatments for the following reasons:

  1. Treats cellulite and flaccidity. It activates lymphatic and venous circulation and also helps restore collagen and elastin fibres (high in magnesium, zinc and copper).
  2. It has de-stressing properties, relaxing both physically and mentally.
  3. It is healing. It helps to heal sores, ulcers, bites, burns and wounds.
  4. De-inflates and soothes. It is ideal for muscular problems, contractures and muscular pain.
  5. Stimulates circulation. It improves the appearance of the skin and leaves it soft and rejuvenated.

Cosmetic products with sea silt

Some brands of cosmetics use sea salts and algae/seaweed as an ingredient in addition to marine silt.

At Mediterranean Spirit we use sea silt in our purifying detox facial mask. At INCI (product ingredients) you can find it under the name of Silt. You will feel your skin clean, decongested, soft and smooth from the first application and you will feel a unique ice effect! It is ideal for all skin types, from mature skin, sensitive skin to acneic or combination skin.

Sea silt is also commonly used in soaps, creams, deodorants, wraps, peelings and exfoliants, shampoos, face masks and hair masks.

Types of sea silt treatments

There are different treatments that use sea silt, for instance mud therapy.

Mud therapy has been used since ancient Egypt and today is one of the most demanded treatments in beauty centres and spas because it helps to have a more radiant and better looking skin. Silt is used as the star ingredient, which is a type of mud from the sea or springs. It is different from clay, as it is obtained from the earth and silt contains a greater quantity of trace elements than clay. Mud therapy has soothing, purifying, stimulating and remineralising properties.

This treatment is usually used to treat oily or acne-prone skin as it cleanses the pores in depth. It is also ideal for treating cellulite because it firms and tones up, improves and stimulates blood circulation.

Mud therapy is a therapeutic and cosmetic technique that uses clay or mineral mud to improve health. It provides an immediate feeling of well-being and relaxation and is very beneficial for the skin. Its anti-inflammatory and soothing action and its great power of absorption are worth mentioning.

This is not only a beauty treatment but also relieves joint problems and muscle pain.

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