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Niche Skincare: The exclusive beauty sector

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If you are a lover of exclusive, unique skincare or cosmetics, consider yourself a “beauty geek” or “beauty junkie” because you enjoy your skincare routine, are passionate about the textures and scents of skincare products and their effectiveness, then niche skincare, niche cosmetics or signature skincare are for you! Keep reading this blog to find out all about this unique type of skincare that offers exclusive beauty products!

What is niche skincare?

Niche skincare, signature cosmetics or also called indie cosmetics by some, are cosmetics that are committed to the environment, animals (cruelty-free cosmetics) and human beings; they are committed to quality, originality, care for all the components and have specialised and specific products. In this type of skincare there is usually a personal story and a philosophy behind the project.

Niche beauty brands are emerging skincare brands, independent skincare brands and avant-garde brands that are usually found in limited points of sale, some would be spas, beauty salons, exclusive perfumeries, niche skincare websites or signature skincare websites.

Niche skincare is not made in large laboratories or multinationals and generally have unique formulas, exclusive perfumes, revolutionary shapes, etc. In other words, different qualities to what is usually found in the generic beauty industry or the traditional skincare found in a conventional or usual perfumery.

Signature skincare

Mediterranean Spirit can be classified as signature skincare or niche skincare. Our brand of natural and organic cosmetics has been created by a female Spanish entrepeneur following a philosophy committed to the environment, taking care of every detail in the ingredients (where the best natural and organic ingredients are selected), which are sustainable from their extraction and have also been verified for their effectiveness on the skin.

Niche skincare

Our brand of natural and organic cosmetics has small productions and follows an ethic in its cosmetic production. Our cosmetic products are made in Spanish laboratories following European regulations and under the strictest quality controls. We encourage you to invest in the health of your skin! Discover all our products and face treatments in our online store.

Niche beauty

Niche skincare include niche perfumes with unique aromas, vegan product lines, Korean cosmetics, etc.

With the pandemic, online shopping has increased and the consumption of organic and independent cosmetic products is growing more and more. In specific niche skincare websites, you can find new brands of make-up and care and hygiene products such as face cosmetics, body cosmetics or hair cosmetics that are super original, exquisite, with successful and high quality formulas.

Niche skincare online shops

If what you want is to find exclusivity when buying a cosmetic product or if you want to give a different, exclusive and special gift to someone, there are many websites dedicated to signature cosmetics or niche skincare where you will find different brands of niche skincare. The most common searches on the Internet are the following:

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Best signature skincare brands

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Best niche skincare brands

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International niche skincare

International signature skincare

There is a current trend to buy everything natural and the success of these niche skincare brands lies in the personality of the product. Niche skincare products are aimed at a demanding, informed, knowledgeable public, who know what they are buying, are interested in the components of cosmetic products and are also looking for added value in their purchase.

Are you part of the generation that looks for cosmetics with ethical characteristics (sustainable, vegan, natural, organic, etc.)? Join this luxurious trend for your skin now!

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Mediterranean Spirit

In Mediterranean Spirit we elaborate natural and ecological cosmetics inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean. We extract the best of its nature to pamper your skin. We care about our products being of high quality, being honest with the benefits of the ingredients. Mediterranean Spirit is designed for people who are aware of the environment and sustainability.