What is skin cycling?

Skin Cycling, the effective anti-ageing trick

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This technique is the new skincare trend and it’s taking social media by storm – this effective anti-ageing trick has gone viral on TikTok! Skincare is a fundamental part of any beauty routine, but… keep reading this blog if you want to use this skincare routine to get perfect skin in just 4 days!

What is skin cycling?

Skin cycling is a technique created by the American dermatologist Whitney Bowe who has treated the skin of Hollywood celebrities. It’s already a cosmetic movement that’s a hit on TikTok because it’s simple and gives good results.

Perhaps we could define skin cycling as an express recovery routine for the skin. This famous dermatologist created a schedule of skin cleansing with rest intervals to restore the skin barrier, skin microbiome, lipids and pH.

What is skin cycling for?

Skin cycling is used to achieve faster and more effective anti-ageing results after the age of 30. This technique is a shock treatment for when the skin is in urgent need of renewal and visibly rejuvenates it. Many people have already shared the results of skin cycling on social media with the hashtag #skincycling.

How is skin cycling done?

Skin cycling is a skincare routine that can be divided into 2 cycles:

  • 2 days with anti-ageing active ingredients
  • 2 days of rest for the skin

Below, we show how it would be done day by day:

Skin cycling steps

Day 1: Exfoliating acid

Lactic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid (generally AHA and BHA) are used, all chemical exfoliants (as physical exfoliants can cause mini-trauma to the most superficial layer of the skin). Thanks to them, dead cells that prevent the absorption of active ingredients can be removed and skin regeneration is accelerated. They improve the skin’s texture, renew it and reduce sun spots.

This exfoliation should be performed on cleansed skin and finished with the application of a night care routine.

Day 2: Retinol / Retinisation

Here you use a product containing retinol, one of the best anti-ageing ingredients. It should be added with caution and a pea-sized amount is used. This anti-ageing agent stimulates cell renewal and collagen production. Bakuchiol is recommended for sensitive skin.

This dermatologist recommends applying moisturiser in the area of the marionette lines, neck and eye contour before applying the retinol if someone has sensitive skin.

On this day you could use our retinol face cream which also includes exclusive Mediterranean ingredients – as well as caring for your skin you can have a real sensory experience!

Day 3 and 4: Resting the skin / skin recovery

During these days it is time to moisturise the skin in depth, an intense hydration with soothing and repairing ingredients (either niacinamide, hyaluronic acid or glycerin) to improve the barrier function. Products that should not be used would be techniques such as slugging or applying coconut oil.

You should use a gentle face cleanser, a moisturising face serum and of course, apply eye cream. At Mediterranean Spirit you can find all these products! Visit our natural and organic skincare online shop and don’t miss any details about their ingredients.

If you need extra comfort for your skin, apply rosehip oil or a hyaluronic acid mask, in short, use a super nourishing face treatment.

For one week it would be like this:

  1. Monday: Night exfoliation
  2. Tuesday: Retinol night application
  3. Wednesday: Night skin recovery
  4. Thursday: Night skin recovery

This process would be repeated again:

  1. Friday: Night exfoliation
  2. Saturday: Retinol night application
  3. Sunday: Night skin recovery
  4. Monday: Night skin recovery

We would repeat

As all this treatment is done at night, during the day you could take care of your skin by applying vitamin C, moisturising and very important, sun protection! In the case of vitamin C, you could apply our antioxidant face serum in your daily skincare routine because it contains it.

Pros and cons of Skin Cycling

The misuse of acids can be very harmful to the skin, but this can be avoided by using this skin cycling method, but it must also be said that the skin cycling technique is not suitable for everyone.

It is true that it is an effective method, but it does not mean that it is good for all skin types. Not to stigmatise this method, but there are pros and cons to this skin care trend.

Benefits of Skin Cycling

In favour of skin cycling is that it is not a complex skincare routine and the skin usually appreciates it.

Against skin cycling is the possible irritation of the retinol on some skins, but a one-month period of adaptation to the retinol (retinisation) should be started. The other drawback is that it is slow to show results.

This would be a recovery routine for your skin, a 4 night intensive face treatment that offers health and beauty in record time. From Mediterranean Spirit we recommend that a specialist supervises your treatment and the products you are going to use if you decide to do skin cycling at home. Do you dare to try this facial cycle routine and get a porcelain skin?

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