What is slow life?

Slow life, enjoy more and improve your quality of life

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Slow life is another way of understanding life, the world around us, and it is sure to become part of the new normal. Although it may seem like a new trend, it really is a different lifestyle. Keep reading this blog if you want to enjoy every moment, action and the people around you!

What is slow life?

The slow life movement is a philosophy of life that is committed to savouring a present that is not usually given much time and that tries to slow down the pace in different areas of life, be it work, food, sport, personal relationships or leisure time. This could be the lifestyle that can change your life!

The slow life avoids compulsive consumerism and the prioritisation of work over other activities, which prevents us from enjoying our existence.

The origins of slow life

Slow life has its origins in slow food, a movement created by journalist Carlo Petrini in Italy in the 1980s, which advocates eating well while respecting the planet. This movement went so viral that many slow living movements and even slow cities were born from it.

Basic or essential rules for leading a “slow life”

The slow life movement maintains the tradition of doing things well without leaving technology to one side. The slow philosophy challenges the accelerated pace that we usually lead and encourages working on the union between body and mind, meditation, reiki or homeopathy and also promotes responsible consumption.

benefits of slow life

Slow life refers to living our lives in a more conscious and slower-paced way that allows us to enjoy our time more and be happier with things that are truly meaningful. Here are 10 tips for incorporating the slow philosophy into your daily life:

  • Observe the little everyday things, slow down the pace.

Appreciate what makes you happy and don’t get carried away by today’s fast pace of life.

  • Be aware of the present moment.

Be aware of the now, focus your mind on what you are doing in each moment without thinking about the past or the future. Practice mindfulness, meditation or yoga.

  • Avoid consumerism.

Avoid impulsive consumerism, get rid of what you don’t need because material things are rarely what is important to achieve happiness.

  • Go for small shops and traditional products rather than big chains or corporations.

Consumption has a direct impact on society, the economy and nature, so contribute to strengthening the economy of your environment.

  • Connect with your community and nurture personal relationships.

To lead a peaceful life, it is essential to communicate with and listen to the people around you. Value moments of encounter with your community and make sure that your impact on it is positive.

  • Enjoy nature outdoors.

Set aside time to enjoy the nature around you, when you contemplate its grandeur it will help you to slow down.

  • Make time for yourself.

Practice slow beauty from time to time.

  • Disconnect from social media and electronic devices.

Sometimes a little disconnection from the Internet is necessary to avoid isolation from the real world and the people around us. Use technology as a means not an end.

  • Plan your pace.

It is important to organise, plan and prioritise your routine, but also include time to rest.

  • Eat healthy and practice “slow eating”.

Eating healthy is essential to maintain physical and mental wellbeing. It is also very important to savour food in company, let’s not lose this Mediterranean custom. Try not to eat industrial or highly processed foods and consume more sustainable and organic products.

Benefits of slow life

The slow life has several benefits and these are some of them:

  • It prioritises activities that seek the integral development of the person, such as walking on the beach, cycling, being with family or friends.
  • It seeks balance between body, mind and spirit.
  • It aims to recover old ways of life, but without refusing progress. This is because they shape life habits in accordance with the real needs of human beings.
  • It promotes respect for nature, the environment, people and animals.

Enjoy every moment of your life and immerse yourself in slow living. We know it’s not that easy, but give it a try and don’t give up at the first try, once you live it you won’t want to turn back! Take the stress away, slow down and enjoy life to the full!

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