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Smudging, make your positive energy ritual

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You may have seen smudging somewhere, but do you really know what they are and what they are used for? If you want to attract positive energy this 2022 and change the vibration of your home or a specific place, keep reading this blog to find out all about this ancient incense ritual!

What is smudging?

Smudging was already used in ancient Egypt, Greece and Babylon in religious rituals to ward off evil spirits, any negative energy in the environment or to perform rituals of cleansing and protection against bad energies.

These dried herbal incenses are made from aromatic plant resins, but can also contain plant parts such as flowers, bark, seeds or roots. As we have said, they purify the atmosphere with the aroma given by the smoke of the herbs of which they are composed.

What is smudging and what is it used for?

Smudging is a spiritual technique where one cleanses one’s own energy, the energy of one’s home or other places such as an office. Smudging means “to perfume with aromatic smoke”, it is called “smudging” when smoke is generated from an incense either to purify the air, to meditate or to perfume the environment.

Smudging is a technique of energetic and spiritual cleansing.

How to make smudge sticks?

A smudge is simple to make, you will only need the following:

  • Dried plants and herbs (lavender, sage, rosemary, basil…).
  • Cinnamon or vanilla
  • Palo santo
  • Cotton or hemp thread
What is smudging?

Make a small bouquet with all the dried herbs and tie it with the thread. The next step would be to light it and pass it through the corners that you want to clean, you should try to make circular movements to the right.

Finally, leave the bouquet on a plate so that it can burn safely. When you have finished smudging, breathe deeply and take a couple of minutes to rest your thoughts.

Benefits of smudging

It is believed that smudging help relieve stress and anxiety, but there is no solid scientific evidence to date. However, it has been used for centuries as a holistic therapy, many believe in its therapeutic and medicinal healing power and claim that it unblocks energies, purifies and cleanses environments and enhances creativity. Remember, if you believe it, you can make it.

Smudging helps to attract abundance, achieve self-love or partner love, concentration, wisdom, find forgiveness and forget resentment.

Most popular smudge scents

Here is a list of the most popular smudge scents to improve the energy of the atmosphere and soothe with their aroma:


Used to sanctify an area of the house as well as to cleanse negative energies. It is also ideal for attracting money and stimulating perseverance.

Palo santo

Helps to receive love and peace.


Helps in meditation, in times of confusion and to clear thoughts.


A perfect scent for calming insomnia or anxious states. Also used in rituals related to attraction, love and romance.

White Sage

Balances the chakras and purifies negative energy.


Used to purify newly built and renovated homes, works as a source of strength and power.


Used to enhance emotional and mental connections and is also related to love. Helps to attract friends and strengthens friendships.


Promotes tranquillity and is related to the abilities of the mind, intelligence and thoughts.


Attracts economic prosperity and protective energy into our lives.

Classic incense

Promotes peace and calmness and is therefore useful in cases of anxiety and stress.


Activates cordiality in the family, fraternity and generosity.


Uplifts energy and protects against envy.

Orange blossom

Creates an atmosphere of peace and harmony, promotes happiness and joy and drives away negative thoughts.

As you can see there are hundreds of plants and many combinations as in aromatherapy, you just have to choose yours based on your needs!

If you want to enjoy a more relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, you can start using smudge, one of the most used ancestral rituals. Remember that the most important part of the process is the mental and spiritual process, having a clear intention to get rid of bad energy, attracting positivity or abundance or protecting the space is more important than simply lighting the smudge, do a conscious cleansing.

Will smudging be your next favourite spiritual practice? Clear out the negative energy and attract all the positive vibes this 2022!

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