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The best skincare routine in 5 easy steps

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A skincare routine is essential to guarantee a clean, protected and cared for face. The skin is the largest organ of the human body and is continuously exposed to environmental pollution, dirt, sunlight… If you want to maintain the elasticity and beauty of your skin, we encourage you to keep reading this blog!

In what order should I apply my cosmetic products?

When do I apply my face serum before or after my face moisturizer? and what about my eye cream? Although it may seem simple, many people still have questions about how to do a proper skincare routine. There is a huge variety of skincare cosmetic products on the market, but with a few well-chosen, good quality products you can keep your skin well cared for.

What are the steps to a good skincare routine?

Here is our step-by-step proposal for an effective skincare routine. If you follow them you will prevent premature skin ageing and maintain the beauty and elasticity of your skin.

  1. Cleansing

The first step is to remove impurities and residues on our face that are accumulated throughout the day and night. This prevents the pores of the skin from clogging up and also prepares the skin for the subsequent application of treatments or cosmetics.

It is very important to remove make-up properly, you must clean off any make-up that may remain on your face. To do this you can use the different types of make-up removers available on the market.

Our face cleanser is perfect for this step as it cleanses, purifies, moisturises and even removes make-up in one go! It is also suitable for all skin types!

2. Face toner

The function of this liquid product is to tighten pores, firm the skin, balance the skin’s pH, refresh and tone the skin.

It is usually used with the help of a make-up remover disc and is applied after cleansing and before applying any cream.

3. Eye cream

The area around the eyes is the most delicate area of the face and it is very important to take care of it with a specific product. You should apply it with gentle taps, usually using the ring finger because it does not exert as much pressure as the others do.

skincare routine

Our moisturizing eye cream contains 3 powerful Mediterranean oils such as olive oil, argan oil and almond oil for maximum hydration and is enriched with retinol, hyaluronic acid and rosehip oil – you won’t be able to resist trying it!

4. Face serum

A serum is a concentrate of antioxidant active ingredients and is used to give the skin a radiant appearance and revitalise it.

Most people look for a vitamin c serum, serum with vitamin c, resveratrol serum or ferulic acid serum, but why look for them separately when you can have them all in one? That’s right…all in 1! Our anti-ageing face serum contains all these antioxidant ingredients plus high-quality Mediterranean ingredients, it is the only one on the market! try it and you will be fascinated by the results.

5. Moisturizing face cream

Face cream prevents skin dehydration, preserves elasticity, nourishes the skin and acts as the body’s first protective barrier.

Our anti-ageing face cream contains exclusive Mediterranean ingredients and is enriched with hyaluronic acid and retinol to moisturise your skin for 24 hours!

These are the steps for an at-home skincare cleansing routine or express skincare routine and we hope you found them helpful. Share your daily face routine with us below, we love to hear from you!

Skincare routine with natural cosmetics

Shopping for organic cosmetics without parabens, silicone or paraffin is not as easy as it seems. At Mediterranean Spirit we bet for clean cosmetics, “clean beauty and also for a slow beauty cosmetics.

In Mediterranean Spirit’s natural cosmetics online shop you can buy Mediterranean cosmetics, conscious and sustainable cosmetics made in Spain. We are committed to natural cosmetics made in Spain, using Mediterranean ingredients and promoting local trade. Add them to your daily skincare routine and switch to toxic-free cosmetics!

When someone searches the internet for the best natural cosmetics brand, the least they expect is:

  • Cruelty free cosmetics, free of animal cruelty
  • Cruelty free skincare
  • Toxic-free cosmetics
  • Toxic-free skincare
  • Responsible cosmetics
  • Responsible skincare
  • Sustainable cosmetics
  • Sustainable skincare
  • Eco-friendly cosmetics
  • Eco-friendly skincare

There is also another, more demanding sector that is looking for zero waste skincare, cosmetics without waste. There are more and more online zero waste shops or plastic-free online shops in Europe, where you can find everything from solid cosmetics, household accessories (wooden pan brushes, organic washing machine detergent, beeswax wrappers, coconut fibre brushes, traditional organic solid soap, etc.), reusable bottles, personal hygiene products (wooden toothbrushes, organic bamboo toothbrushes, menstrual cups…) to loofah. These websites are perfect to:

  • Buy organic skincare
  • Buy organic cosmetics

This type of customer is usually looking for the best brand of organic, zero waste and sustainable skincare cosmetics.

Others choose to buy vegan, natural and organic cosmetics, affordable natural skincare, but there are also customers who are looking for luxury natural skincare, skinimalism skincare or those who encourage the Spanish economy by choosing natural cosmetics made in Spain, skincare or cosmetics made in Spain that are of high quality, demanding and highly recognised abroad.

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