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You may be familiar with body scrubs also known as scrubs or gommage and you’ve probably heard about the famous peeling … But do you really know how to use a body scrub? This 2021 you are going to discover which is the best body scrub for you. Keep reading this blog to find out all about them!

What is a body scrub?

Over time the skin naturally renews itself, but as we age we lose the ability to shed dead skin cells and this is where a body scrub comes in.

A body scrub removes impurities from the surface of the skin, reveals its natural light and radiance and also helps to make the skin smoother and more refined. Thanks to this process, depigmenting treatments to reduce blemishes, anti-wrinkle creams, firming creams and moisturisers can be applied to the skin afterwards.

Remember that for more intense exfoliation you can use loofah or luffa, exfoliation body brushes (e.g. the round body brush), bath gloves or exfoliation gloves (such as the hemp exfoliation glove), these are often the best body exfoliation accessories. A body scrub is ideal for circulation.

Types of body scrub

There are several types of body scrub, here we show them to you:

Mechanical or Physical Exfoliators

These are the most common on the market. They are based on sugar or salt, nuts, mineral granules and synthetic particles (called microbeads or microspheres, which generate a lot of controversy because they pollute the seabed). Abrasive elements such as calcium carbonate, salts, gold dust or microcrystals are used.

Physical exfoliants have the characteristic of having few granules. This type of exfoliation is often called mechanical exfoliation and achieves the so-called “peeling” effect on the skin. Within this category there are soft exfoliants (made with oils or waxes) and strong exfoliants (prepared with granules of fruit pits, polyethylene or other hard, fine grains) with which a deep exfoliation is achieved.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are performed with acids such as lactic acid, fruit acids, hydroxy acids, citric acid, phenol, glycolic acid (AHA), salicylic acid (BHA), vitamin A or retinoic acid. It is usually recommended to use sunscreen after use and also for this chemical peel beauty treatment, it is recommended to do it with professionals as it is a bit aggressive and can cause burns.

Enzymatic Peels

They are usually in the form of creams or masks and do not contain granules. They are usually suitable for all skin types including sensitive and delicate skin because they exfoliate gently. These exfoliants have a smoothing, antioxidant and anti-wrinkle effect.

What is a body scrub?

Gommage Scrubs

These usually contain friction-producing minerals, have a sticky texture and draw all impurities from the skin. If you have dry skin with flaking or sensitive skin, be careful with these.

In the cosmetics industry or in the world of natural cosmetics, the following types of body scrubs are well known:

  • Creamy body scrubs are often the best body scrub for very dry skin. These exfoliating creams are ideal for dry skin, a nourishing body scrub and a gentle body scrub can make all the difference.
  • Sugar body scrubs.
  • Gel body scrubs, these are perfect if you like a lather in the shower with a touch of exfoliation.
  • Vegan body scrubs. There are many, but the most famous are shea butter body scrubs or body scrubs with vegetable oils.
  • Exfoliants to combat cellulite or orange peel and firming action, it is usually a strong exfoliation treatment. This could include coffee body scrubs, body scrubs with rice grains or seeds and body scrubs with seaweed.
  • Clay scrubs, one of the most famous nowadays is the pink clay scrub.

If you have very delicate skin, we recommend that you consult a dermatologist to recommend the most suitable one for your skin if you want to use one. In beauty and personal care shops you can find the best body scrubs for each skin type.

Benefits of body exfoliation

Here are some of the benefits of the exfoliation technique:

  • Renewal of dead cells is promoted and removed from the outermost layer of the skin.
  • It improves the appearance and smoothness of the skin.
  • Helps cosmetic products to be absorbed effectively.
  • Clogged pores are freed.
  • Activates the skin’s blood microcirculation.

Remember that improper exfoliation can destroy the skin and many experts do not recommend exfoliating at a time of acne breakout either, so consult your dermatologist first.

How to do a body scrub step by step

  1. The area to be exfoliated should be cleaned or moistened.
  2. Spread the product and massage in circles in different areas.
  3. Do not massage the areas for more than 30 seconds to avoid damaging the surface layer of the skin.
  4. Remove the product with lukewarm water and shower to remove any residue.
  5. Finish the shower with a little cold water.
  6. Optionally, apply a body mask.
  7. Apply a moisturising body cream or body oil after showering.

How often should I use a body scrub?

Body scrubs should be used when you want the nutrients from cosmetic products to moisturise the skin and combat skin ageing, to be absorbed efficiently

There is no general rule for body exfoliation, but there are times when it is recommended to exfoliate the skin to prevent localised blemishes, for example, before summer to remove possible dead skin cells. In any case, it is usually recommended to exfoliate the skin at least every 7 days.

Simulate a spa at home and take time for yourself, sometimes it is necessary to find peace of mind and body. Whether it’s a homemade body scrub, a natural body scrub or a revitalising body scrub, a weekly body peel is the secret to an enviable summer tan, leaving your skin glowing and radiant.

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