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If you thought that ageing only depended on our genetic inheritance and that it is a process that cannot be treated, you are wrong! The well-aging philosophy is gaining more and more followers because it is possible to age in a good way, there is such a thing as healthy ageing. Do you want to know why? stay and read on so you don’t miss anything!

What is the well-aging philosophy?

Genetic causes contribute only 20% to our ageing and yes, the remaining 80% depends on our habits and responsibility! So you know that you can improve your biological age! A healthy lifestyle definitely influences ageing.

The well-ageing philosophy is a philosophy of life and natural beauty, i.e. it aims at natural, healthy, harmonious and sustainable ageing. Others call it a “good-aging”, “pro-aging” or wellness philosophy.

Why does our skin age?

For a good skin structure, there are 4 very important components, these are hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin and fibroblasts. Collagen fibres (between 70% -80%) give the skin strength and solidity, elastic fibres (elastin) (between 2% – 4%) provide flexibility and elasticity. Hyaluronic acid and other glycosaminoglycans contribute 10-20%.

As we get older, everything becomes more difficult and our organism becomes more tired, and as far as the skin is concerned, we get spots, lentigines, wrinkles, flaccidity and dryness. After the age of 20 there is a gradual loss of elasticity, volume and tone of the skin, wrinkles and fine lines appear because our body’s ability to produce collagen and hyaluronic acid decreases.

Well-aging philosophy

Well-aging face cream and well-aging cosmetic products

If you want to visibly reduce your biological age and improve skin ageing, we recommend you try our night treatment cream, which is formulated to improve the biological age of facial skin cells. Its active ingredients bring firmness and smoothness to your skin and you can experience a natural face lift. In addition, 50% of its natural Mediterranean ingredients are of organic origin and it is a vegan face cream that slows down oxidative damage and prolongs natural beauty!

Our natural cosmetics make use of aromatherapy in their fragrances so that you can not only nourish your skin, but also feel pleasant sensations and connect with your essence.

The world of aesthetic medicine and the beauty industry is also changing and adapting to well-aging, using well-ageing cosmetic products and performing well-aging treatments that offer vitality to the skin while maintaining a natural beauty image without having to suffer from loss of expression or health problems.

Well-aging trend in the cosmetics sector

In the beauty sector, authenticity and naturalness are increasingly being demanded, especially by the millennial generation and natural cosmetics. The current attitude towards the ageing process is different to that of a few years ago, the term “anti-ageing” has been replaced by “good ageing”. The concept of anti-ageing has been discarded and the concept of well-ageing has been embraced.

In conventional cosmetics, the concept of “anti-aging” has always been used, which is the one that fights against skin ageing, but surely you have already been captivated by this philosophy of natural beauty, the Well-aging philosophy, because even if the years go by, we are going to look and feel younger than our biological age, we must age in a natural way as well as possible.

Well-aging tips for your everyday life

If you want to achieve harmonious and natural ageing, we encourage you to follow the following well-aging prevention tips on a daily basis:

Daily hydration

As we have already mentioned in previous blogs, it is extremely important to stay hydrated! Drink 2 litres of water daily and eat fruit and vegetables.

Skin exfoliation

You need to stimulate cell renewal, this can be done by performing gentle peels or weekly exfoliations to remove dead skin cells from the outermost layers of the skin. This is important because it can prevent the active ingredients of the treatments from penetrating your skin properly.

Moisturise your skin

Moisturise your skin daily, use serums, flash ampoules, face creams, eye creams and body creams to keep your skin hydrated 24 hours a day. The hydrolipidic film must be preserved and harmful agents must be blocked.

Have healthy habits

Try to avoid junk or ultra-processed food, refined sugars, tobacco, environmental pollutants, air conditioning, heating or stressful situations.

Exercise and sleep

It is very important to exercise regularly and get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day. Yoga can be a great ally in your daily routine.

Eat a good diet

A healthy, antioxidant-rich and balanced diet is key and fundamental, remember we are what we eat!

Try non-invasive facial and body treatments

Try a holistic treatment that works on well-aging, a remodelling facial massage, a decontracting and draining massage, facial gymnastics or foot reflexology. There are many well-aging cabin treatments, you can visit a facial therapist on a regular basis or create your own beauty ritual at home.

Don’t forget that daily self-care is fundamental to look better, to give you courage and to love yourself more, it is very important to create a balance between the inside and the outside. We are all going to get older, but why not do it in a healthy way and with quality of life? Regardless of how old you are, what really matters is how you feel physically and psychologically.

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