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Well-aging skincare, an innovative trend

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Well-aging skincare or well-ageing skincare is a trend that is becoming more and more popular because it prolongs the natural beauty of your skin. This holistic beauty concept enhances well-being and self-confidence and is here to stay. If you want to know what this Japanese beauty secret is all about and the keys to its success, continue reading this blog!

What is well-aging?

Well-aging consists of taking care of our skin with what our skin needs, and even better if it is natural. Well-aging skincare take care of aesthetics as well as health in order to enjoy a healthy skin, it is committed to healthy ageing without complexes. The word “anti-ageing” is replaced by “good ageing”.

We all know that the years go by and this is reflected in the skin, but it is also true that we want to look good with the passing of time, but we must do it in a respectful way with our skin and try to do it in a healthy and careful way. All this is well known to the millennial generation, who demand naturalness and authenticity.

Mediterranean Spirit Anti-age line

Well-aging skincare not only moisturise, but also provide substances and vitamins that the body generates and that, with the passage of time, with age, begin to diminish. This well-aging skincare delay the appearance of spots, wrinkles, lack of collagen and elasticity.

At Mediterranean Spirit we use well-aging in our 100% natural and cruelty free skincare. Below, we show you our step-by-step well-aging routine, full of very powerful active ingredients (vitamin C, retinol, hyaluronic acid, ferulic acid, resveratrol, etc…) that will help your skin to be always well hydrated, oxygenated and nourished:

Well ageing face cleansing gel

Antioxidant well-aging face serum

Light and non-greasy texture. Visibly improves wrinkles and fine lines for visibly younger looking skin.

Well-aging eye contour cream

Well-ageing face cream

Melt-on-the-skin texture and fast absorption. Concentrates high-quality natural and organic Mediterranean active ingredients to improve smoothness and firmness and reverse sagging.

Well-aging face mask (perfect for a detox ritual)

Start using well-aging ingredients and incorporate them into your well-aging skincare routine now! In our natural and organic skincare online shop you will find different well-aging skincare packs that cover different skin needs. Go for smartaging skincare and find yours!

well-ageing skincare

Well-aging with natural skincare

Nourish your skin with organic vegetable oils, rich in vitamins and antioxidants. At Mediterranean Spirit we promote preventing and slowing down oxidative damage and prolonging natural beauty. Our lines of action are:

  1. Balancing and calming
  2. Create sensorial skincare that generate emotions that connect with your essence
  3. Improve skin texture
  4. Ensure barrier function
  5. Provide antioxidants

Pro-aging skincare

Well-aging skincare, slow ageing or slow beauty is a preventive skincare and has the keys to age being the best version of yourself.

Avoid using skincare with synthetic products because they are harmful to your health, you should opt for natural skincare brands because they are respectful with the skin, the environment, without petroleum derivatives and without synthetic chemicals.

Te animamos a cuidar tu cuerpo de forma natural tanto fuera como por dentro ¡Seguro que consigues una piel tersa, joven y saludable usando nuestra cosmética natural well-aging! Confía en nosotros tu cuidado de la piel ¿Te apuntas a esta nueva tendencia de belleza?

We encourage you to take care of your body in a natural way, both inside and out. We are sure that you will achieve a smooth, young and healthy skin by using our natural well-aging skincare! Trust us with your skin care. Are you joining this new beauty trend?

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