The importance of natural cosmetics

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The use of cosmetics dates back to the Egyptians and later on to the Greeks, who continued this legacy of personal care through the use of ointments made from plants and ingredients of natural origin. Both civilizations showed great concern for their health at all levels and moisturised their skins with oils and creams.

As time went on, we made great discoveries and achieved technological advancements that enabled us to accelerate the world at unimagined speeds. However, this vortex that we are all part of, has caused us to put our natural side, our history and traditions aside in exchange of obtaining immediate results.

Why natural cosmetics?

At Mediterranean Spirit we are aware of our history and that’s why we wanted to go back to our roots, slow down the pace we live at every day and make cosmetics of natural origin where each ingredient has been specifically selected for its properties. Unlike other brands, we do care about you and your skin, we don’t use parabens, sulfates, synthetic perfumes, paraffins, and other petroleum-derived chemicals such as plastics or dyes that penetrate your skin and have a negative effect on it.

Natural cosmetics are the most similar to our skin’s lipid mantle, so they are more easily absorbed, without blocking pores, and do not cause allergies or irritations. In addition to this, they adapt perfectly to all skins, regulating sebum and dryness in a natural way. The essential oils that we use for the fragrances of our products also provide properties as important as: soothing, antiseptics, pH regulators, astringents or healing. Natural cosmetics are also very efficient, so it’s not necessary to apply large quantities of products for good results, therefore its price quality is usually better than that of its chemical competitors.


Another very important factor when making natural cosmetics as opposed to chemical cosmetics is that water and soil are not contaminated with chemicals that sooner or later become part of the food we eat, in the form of fruit, vegetables, meat or fish. It goes without saying that prolonged, albeit very small, intake of these elements has a negative effect on our health.

The impact of sustainable natural cosmetics

We should not forget that in this globalised world in which we live, where we make real time video calls to the antipodes and buy things from all over the world at the click of a mouse, we have disconnected from our communities, neighbors and countrymen and women to whom we sometimes no longer even say good morning! It is here where we also wanted to give another twist and bet on those products and companies close to our environment, promote local and regional growth over individual or business interests.

Also, reducing the distances of transport of goods also reduces emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, thus making our contribution against climate change.

At Mediterranean Spirit we believe that it’s still possible to create natural cosmetic products for everyone, without forgetting our neighbours and doing everything possible so that the world we leave our children is the best it can possibly be.

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