Ferulic Acid: The Molecule of Beauty

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Ferulic acid has been talked about for some time, this ingredient is in fashion and is considered the new natural Botox.

Add it to your daily facial care and we assure you that you will no longer be able to live without it!

But what is ferulic acid and where is it found?

Ferulic acid is part of the cell walls of plants (especially those with high UV exposure). It is found in the plant kingdom in vegetables, fruits, spices, seeds, cereals and legumes. The best known are blackberries, oats or olives.

Nowadays we are continuously exposed to pollution, sun, stress, tobacco smoke which degrade our skin generating free radicals. These diminish the capacity of our cells to reproduce correctly and give place to the photoaging, this is manifested in the flaccidity of our skin, spots as well as lines of expression.

This is where ferulic acid comes into play!

Its effect is reinforced when combined with vitamin C and vitamin E. All together give the skin 8 times the protection it needs. The acid stabilises the vitamins and enhances their antioxidant action against oxidative stress and photoaging. This fantastic combination of ingredients helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

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What are the properties and benefits of ferulic acid?

Here are all the properties of this star ingredient:

It’s antioxidant

Ferulic acid acts as an antioxidant when it is part of a serum or cream. Its main function is to protect your skin from the free radicals that cause premature aging of the dermis and epidermis.

It’s a very powerful depigmentant

Eliminates excess residual pigmentation such as facial spots.

Regenerates and stimulates collagen production

It protects the dermal layer where elastin and collagen are found and also improves the production of their fibers. This ensures that the skin renews itself in a natural way, thus keeping your skin looking younger!

Ferulic acid inhibits the activity of the MMP-1 enzyme that damages the elasticity of your skin causing premature and irreversible aging. It also improves the appearance of scars and accelerates the recovery of the skin, so it is also indicated for use after burns.

Protects against UV rays

Protects against damage caused by the sun’s UVA and UVB rays on the skin such as the appearance of spots (ferulic acid inhibits melanogenesis) and wrinkles. It is excellent for combating premature aging of your skin caused by ultraviolet radiation.

Ferulic acid strengthens our skin’s natural barrier and also creates more, allowing for longer exposure of the dermis to the sun’s rays. Ferulic acid is not photosensitive and you can use it during the day but remember that is not permanently so you must protect yourself with extra sun protection.

Now you know one of the most effective active beauty principles, what are you waiting for to try our anti-aging facial serum and add it to your daily facial routine!

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