What is Mindfulness and how it can change your life

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Mindfulness means full awareness or full attention. It is an experience closely linked to meditation, but it is not exactly the same. When you practice it you connect with your body, mind and emotions. It will help you manage your emotions and thoughts correctly. If you want to know more, we encourage you to keep reading this blog!

Mindfulness is not something new or invented, it is an attitude, a state of consciousness and anyone can acquire it. Unfortunately, human beings have been losing it since the arrival of the modern era, but we still have time to change this!

Meditation and Mindfulness, are they the same?

Although many people think that they are synonymous, the truth is that it is not exactly so. In meditation you need that full attention which is what is known as mindfulness, then we can say that meditation integrates it. Although as you advance in the practice of mindfulness you will experience meditation.

How can I experience mindfulness?

Stop for a moment to observe your posture, your body, it is not necessary to look. Just breathe freely, observe your breathing and feel. Your thoughts should be in the present moment, busy in that moment not another. This is mindfulness, the here and now, your perception in the present moment, not in the past or future.

When we want to reach a goal, we usually set limits and create mental obstacles and this experience is suitable for us to take distance and reflect. It will help us to have positive thoughts and feelings and to know how to manage them.

Experience it and you won’t regret it!

You can do mindfulness while reading a book, at work, at home, in your daily life or in yoga classes. We said before that it is an attitude not an activity, it is not subject to practice in specific places or a specific schedule, what a great advantage right?

These exercises or mindfulness training have multiple benefits for everyone. In children it can help develop emotional intelligence and can also be practiced during pregnancy. You will be able to live life to the fullest.


What are the benefits of Mindfulness?

Here are its main benefits:

  • Increases the immune system
  • Increases the feeling of happiness and psychological well-being
  • Improves the quality of life for people suffering from chronic stress-induced illnesses
  • Prevents relapses into depression
  • Increases empathy for others
  • Decreases anxiety
  • Improves rest and reduces insomnia problems
  • Reduces chronic pain
  • Help for people with eating disorders

In which fields can it be applied?

Mindfulness is recognised by the scientific community and is applied to programs to treat problems on a psychological level.

There are numerous courses, audios and apps about mindfulness that might interest you.

If you are a psychologist, therapist, coach or if you simply want to get into this exciting world, here are some links to books related to mindfulness in case they interest you or help you.

The miracle of Mindfullness

Mindfulness Plain & Simple

The Little book of Mindfulness

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