Resveratrol: The antioxidant of eternal youth

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Resveratrol is a molecule of the polyphenol family. It is an antioxidant, improves collagen synthesis, reduces cell damage and is considered by many to be one of the best antioxidants on the market. Want to know more about it? Stay tuned to this blog!

It is found in large quantities in the skin of black grapes and obviously also in wine. Its function is to protect the vine from fungi and we could say that it acts as a natural antibiotic. It can also be found in red fruits, pomegranate and some nuts.

Where and why is resveratrol used in cosmetics?

Resveratrol is often used in dermocosmetics, specifically in anti-aging products (facial creams, facial serums, eye creams, makeup, sunscreens, gels and even lotions).

This natural substance protects the human body from free radicals, prevents cell oxidation, fights the signs of premature aging such as the formation of wrinkles and spots on the skin.

In the INCI (ingredients) of the cosmetics usually appear under different names. Here are some of them:

  • Resveratrol
  • Resveratrol ferment extract
  • Palmitoyl grapevine shoot extract
  • Vitis vinifera seed oil
  • Vitis vinifera leaf extract

At Mediterranean Spirit we use it in our antiaging face cream and in our anti-aging facial serum as one of the main ingredients along with vitamin C and ferulic acid. It is also often known as grape seed oil. What are you waiting for? You’ll love the effect it has on your skin!


What are the benefits of Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is an active whose main benefits are that it stimulates the synthesis of skin proteins such as collagen and elastin, is antioxidant and anti-free radicals that combat oxidative stress and visibly improves the appearance of the skin.

Another of its many benefits is that:

  • Controls sebum excess
  • Reinforces the sun protection of the bases with SPF
  • Has a soothing effect on the skin (reduces redness and protects the skin’s defensive barrier)
  • Makes skin look brighter, ideal for dull skin
  • Regenerates the skin and defends against external agents that cause premature skin aging

We are sure that from now on you will not be able to live without including it in your daily facial routine. You will have a young, nourished, beautiful and cared face!

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