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Slow beauty is a fashionable trend in the cosmetics sector and many celebrities are talking about it. Would you like to know more about this innovative tendency? Keep reading this blog!

What is slow beauty?

This philosophy proposes a calmer and more conscious lifestyle because nowadays we all live at a frenetic pace both at work and in our daily routine. It is a term that is based on putting well-being, health, sustainability and respect for the environment first.

This does not mean that slow beauty cosmetics ignore the signs of ageing in the skin, but that it prioritises quality, the origin of the ingredients and defends a conscious and relaxed attitude when applying the products to our skin.

Mediterranean Spirit’s natural and organic cosmetic products have been created with the aim of recovering the essence of traditions and respecting our environment, so we can say that our cosmetics are part of the slow beauty movement.

This trend calls for things to be done calmly and with respect for our surroundings. Importance is given to taking care of oneself in a conscious way, creating healthy habits in which beauty is in line with the passage of time. Slow beauty does not only apply to cosmetics, it also applies if you practice sport, eat healthy, and sleep well. By doing this, your body will disconnect and achieve a state of general and emotional well-being that will surprise you!

It is a philosophy that can be complemented very well with mindfulness, we must leave behind the daily stress and pamper ourselves a little bit because we deserve it!


Benefits of slow beauty

Slow beauty stands against toxic substances that cause any kind of damage to our body and this is very common in conventional cosmetics, because they seek immediate and fast results without taking side effects on our bodies into account. Always remember “Do not apply on your skin what you wouldn’t eat”.

The benefits of natural cosmetics are that they are free of toxic elements such as parabens, aluminium and paraffins. These ingredients are very aggressive, do not let the skin breathe, break its protective barrier, irritate the skin and make it more sensitive. Try our natural cosmetics, the healthy antidote against skin ageing!

Other Slow Fashions

In addition to slow beauty, you have probably heard of slow food or slow fashion, but if not, we will tell you a bit about them. Slow food tries to stop or counteract the abuse of fast food and slow fashion, the abusive, obsessive and uncontrolled consumption of clothes. All these trends have common principles: doing things right, with calm and respect for the environment and towards people, betting on a responsible consumption. Do you want to join this movement?

At Mediterranean Spirit we stick to this slow beauty philosophy at all times, we firmly believe that the use of natural and organic cosmetic products combined with continuous care of body and mind are very beneficial in the long term for your skincare and a great gift to your senses. We are committed to natural beauty, without rushing, using 100% natural and organic ingredients that have not been tested on animals.

Now you know the secrets of slow beauty that is so popular across the globe. The slow beauty movement is here to stay. Will you join us?

Share in the comments of this Blog or Instagram your experiences, routines and impressions with us. We love to hear from you and your impressions about healthy lifestyles and natural cosmetics! Don’t forget to stop by every week because we upload new content and we assure you that you will love it!

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