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Best Selling Organic Skincare Proudcts

Discover Mediterranean Spirit’s best-selling and most popular cosmetic products. We invest in innovative natural formulas with carefully selected Mediterranean ingredients, natural technologies that will help you achieve a rejuvenated, moisturized, flawless face and that will bring enormous benefits to your skin.

Experience natural cosmetics with professional results, with non-polluting raw materials and ingredients of proven effectiveness. Our cocktail of Mediterranean ingredients fights stress, free radicals and oxidative damage to the skin.

In each cosmetic product you will find information about the natural and active ingredients used, their properties, formulation and instructions for use. You will also find our customers’ experience and comments about them from different social networks, artists and influencers and press publications.

Most of our cosmetic products are vegan and you can find this information on the detail page of each product with a symbol that indicates “vegan product”.

Mediterranean Spirit is a cruelty free cosmetic brand, this means that we do not test on animals or use products of animal origin and we do not use toxic ingredients such as plastics, sulphates, phenoxyethanol, paraffin, additives or parabens in our formulations. All our cosmetics have been dermatologically tested and are toxic free.

All our products are formulated to suit all skin types (oily, mixed, normal, dry, acne, sensitive, atopic dermatitis skin…) and are unisex, suitable for both men and women. The texture of our products is light and your skin won’t feel heavy as it would when you use others, plus they perform well when applied in small amounts!

Our packaging is 100% recyclable and reusable and has an ideal size for travel.

Get an effective facial cleansing that detoxifies and deeply moisturizes your skin with products that do not block your pores and let it breathe. We use natural and organic ingredients that are absorbed by the skin more effectively than others. We’re sure that you’ll notice an improvement on your skin from the first application and you will achieve visible results if you use them consistently.

At Mediterranean Spirit we use Mediterranean essential oils as a fragrance in each of our natural cosmetics instead of using synthetic fragrances, we think that this the best way you can feel the Mediterranean closer to you.

Switch to effective, natural, organic and healthy cosmetics that respect your skin and the environment. Feel the essence of the Mediterranean in your facial routine and give your skin unique sensations.