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Tips on facial care

How should you take care of your facial skin? In this blog category we list tips, advice and all the necessary information on how to use our face care products.

Eye creams, moisturizers, anti-aging creams, serums, gels, masks… natural and vegan products that respect the environment and take care of you.

summer skincare routine 05 May

Ultimate skincare routine for this summer

One of our skincare obsessions is to prepare our skin for the summer. Even though we may look good ...

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Ayurveda cosmetic ingredients 29 Apr

Ayurvedic cosmetics, healthy cosmetics

If you want to discover how to take care of your body, mind and spirit in a healthy way ...

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Benefits of organic cosmetics 14 Apr

9 reasons to switch to organic skincare

There is currently a craze for organic and eco-friendly skincare and it is a growing trend. More and more ...

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Benefits of vegan cosmetics 01 Apr

Tips for choosing the best vegan cosmetics

Lately we humans have become more aware of the importance of caring for the environment, the impact of our ...

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Mediterranean Spirit

In Mediterranean Spirit we elaborate natural and ecological cosmetics inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean. We extract the best of its nature to pamper your skin. We care about our products being of high quality, being honest with the benefits of the ingredients. Mediterranean Spirit is designed for people who are aware of the environment and sustainability.