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Skincare tips and products

In our blog you can discover all the products you need for a perfect skincare, guidelines, ingredients, cleaning, protection… Our natural products for effective skin care are selected to suit specific skin types and problems, they can protect your skin against aggressive external influences such as the sun, hot and cold climates and air pollution.

what is maskne 11 Nov

What is maskne and how to treat it

Maskne is a term that comes from the words "mask" and "acne", although it is also known as mechanical ...

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makeup-remover 15 Oct

Types of makeup removers for face and eyes

Makeup removers for face and eyes have become a must in the daily facial cleansing routine. We use them ...

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organic-cosmetics 09 Dec

What are essential oils and what are they for?

More and more people are using essential oils in their daily routine, both in aromatherapy and applied to the skin. But ...

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natural-facial-serum 02 Dec

What is a facial serum and what is it for?

Serums have become a key part of our skincare routines, the market is saturated with all sorts of them ...

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Mediterranean Spirit

In Mediterranean Spirit we elaborate natural and ecological cosmetics inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean. We extract the best of its nature to pamper your skin. We care about our products being of high quality, being honest with the benefits of the ingredients. Mediterranean Spirit is designed for people who are aware of the environment and sustainability.