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Skincare tips and products

In our blog you can discover all the products you need for a perfect skincare, guidelines, ingredients, cleaning, protection… Our natural products for effective skin care are selected to suit specific skin types and problems, they can protect your skin against aggressive external influences such as the sun, hot and cold climates and air pollution.

What is skin cycling? 23 Sep

Skin Cycling, the effective anti-ageing trick

This technique is the new skincare trend and it's taking social media by storm - this effective anti-ageing trick ...

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well-aging skincare 15 Sep

Well-aging skincare, an innovative trend

Well-aging skincare or well-ageing skincare is a trend that is becoming more and more popular because it prolongs the ...

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young-looking eyes 22 Aug

How to make your eyes look younger

From the age of 30 onwards, according to several studies, 50% of women have dark circles under their eyes ...

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tips skin summer 13 Aug

5 Tips to look after your skin after the summer

When the summer holidays are over, special attention must be paid to skin care because there has been overexposure ...

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Mediterranean Spirit

In Mediterranean Spirit we elaborate natural and ecological cosmetics inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean. We extract the best of its nature to pamper your skin. We care about our products being of high quality, being honest with the benefits of the ingredients. Mediterranean Spirit is designed for people who are aware of the environment and sustainability.