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Skin icing: Freeze the signs of ageing

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Skin icing or face icing has become the revolution on Instagram and TikTok. Celebrities and influencers such as Lady Gaga, Kate Moss and Irina Shayk are already using this viral trick. If you don’t want to miss the most viral anti-ageing trend of the year, keep reading this blog!

Origin of skin icing

Skin icing was started by an American blogger called Tina Craig, creator of a cosmetics brand. She started using it in the middle of the Covid-19 confinement because she couldn’t go to spa treatments and wanted to benefit in some way from something similar.

What does skin icing consist of?

Skin icing or face icing consists of applying cold to the skin, this cold has the effect of constricting the blood vessels and when it is removed, our organism sends warm blood to that area which causes oxygenation of the skin and reduces swelling and inflammation, its effect is instantaneousflash effect“.

This technique has been “reinvented” because it is actually based on a Roman spa technique created by the Romans, the caldarium, tepidarium and frigidarium (basically a hot and cold technique).

This technique uses an ice ball containing different ingredients depending on the type of skin treatment. There are many recipes for using this ice ball, you can use cucumber, chamomile, oat milk, coconut milk, almond milk, lavender, aloe vera, green tea, thyme, grapes and roses. They can be combined as desired to achieve the desired results.

This ice ball has become the beauty gadget of 2021, replacing the jade roller or gua sha.

skin icing

Benefits of skin icing

Skin icing leaves the skin toned, reduces fine lines and firms the skin. Thanks to the moisturising ingredients, the skin is left juicy and beautiful as if it were “glass skin“, a Korean trend for flawless skin that is as translucent as glass.

Skin icing helps to shrink the capillaries of the skin, partly reducing congestion and redness. It decongests the pores, so bacteria do not enter the skin as much and reduces the chances of acne and other skin conditions, removes dead skin cells and other impurities. It also reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes, brightens the skin, reduces acne, blemishes and imperfections.

The face icing technique fights wrinkles because they are caused by the skin’s lack of firmness and excess elasticity. It helps to keep the skin soft and smooth.

Skin icing steps

To perform the skin icing technique and get a good result, we advise you to follow the steps below:

Remove make-up from your face (choose the type of make-up remover that best suits your skin), wash your face with lukewarm water and dry it. Then take your icing ball out of the freezer and leave it for a few minutes at room temperature.

Next, massage your face, not too hard, in circular motions to stimulate circulation and exert a toning power. Do this for a couple of minutes and then wash your face, ideally twice a day.

It is very important to perform the technique properly, otherwise the skin can get burnt.

Skin icing has become one of the infallible tricks for perfect skin because it is simple, cheap and effective. Add it to your daily beauty routine or apply it to your skin before applying make-up or as the jamsu technique. Are you really going to miss out on this beauty secret?

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