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Zero waste is a movement or philosophy of life that defends the reuse of products to care for the environment and responsible consumption. Do you want to know more about this fantastic movement? Keep reading this blog!

What is Zero Waste?

As we have mentioned before, the aim of zero waste is to reduce as much as possible the waste and rubbish we generate on a daily basis. This will allow us to live with less material things, so we will live unique experiences and moments that will make us value what is important in life.

And no, it’s not the same as waste and rubbish. Waste is everything we generate that can still be recycled or reused, for example paper, aluminium, recyclable plastic, glass, etc. However, rubbish is everything that cannot be recycled or reused, that has no more use and ends up in the dump, an example would be straws, wipes, or tickets.

This term zero waste was coined by its promoter, Bea Johnson, and in her book “Zero Waste at Home” she talks about how important it is to reject what we do not need and to practice responsible consumption. On her website you can find more information about her book and talks.


How do you apply zero waste in your life?

This movement follows the 5 Rs rule, which are:

REFUSE what you don’t need. A practical example would be to say no to unnecessary shopping tickets or advertising leaflets.

REDUCE what you need. Recognise what you really need and slow down the pace of unnecessary shopping, we assure you that you will experience the freedom to live with less but not less happy.

REUSE packaging and materials and choose to consume second-hand or borrowed items. We advise you to repair objects instead of throwing them away or to buy products that are durable and can be repaired.

RECYCLE everything that cannot be refused or reduced.

ROT. This allows organic waste to decompose and generate a cycle in which these nutrients are returned to the soil. Organic material in landfills does not have enough oxygen to decompose in the same way as it does in the soil.

What about you? Do you already practice any of them?

Why you should join zero waste

The zero waste movement invites you to think about the use of time, money and to decide what is really necessary and important in your daily routine.

At Mediterranean Spirit we follow this philosophy, we apply the 5Rs rule and we believe that you can do it too! Help us spread this beautiful movement! We can all be a little more generous with our planet that gives us so many good things, the generations to come will surely thank you!

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There are also associations that defend this movement such as the Zero Waste International Alliance and Zero Waste Europe.

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