What is a facial serum and what is it for?

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Serums have become a key part of our skincare routines, the market is saturated with all sorts of them and it’s hard to choose, but do you know what a serum is, how it’s used and what is it for? Don’t worry if your mind has gone blank, in this blog we tell you everything you need to know about them.

What is a facial serum?

The word serum comes from Latin and it originally described the part of the animal fluids that remained liquid after coagulation. This name has been extended in cosmetics to products which, due to their similarity in density to saline solutions, are much lighter than hydrating creams and this makes them to be more quickly absorbed.

How do you use a serum?

It is normally possible to use them in the morning and night, although it depends on the specific serum, as some can be photosensitising so it’s always important to read the manufacturer’s instructions for use. They tend to be quickly absorbed and non-greasy, so they work very well for all skin types.

The serum should be applied to clean skin, preferably after cleansing with a specific soap or gel for the face and applying a tonic that hydrates and restores the skin’s pH.

As it’s so concentrated, it is only necessary to apply a few drops on the face, neck and décolleté  always avoiding contact between the skin and the dosing pipette in order to prevent contamination of the product. In natural cosmetics all products are made with ingredients that are alive, so it is very important not to touch the skin with the dispenser.


What is a serum used for?

Serums are cosmetics that normally have a high concentration of nutrients and benefits for the skin, in our case, Mediterranean Spirit’s anti-aging facial serum provides vitamin C, ferulic acid and resveratrol among others. One of the main characteristics that differentiate serums from facial creams or balms is that being so light, they are able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, making their active ingredients act from within and producing great results when properly used continuously over a period of time.

Our antiaging facial serum

At Mediterranean Spirit we care about you and we have selected the best ingredients for our facial serum, that combined provide an explosion of vitamins and nutrients to make your skin look brighter, hydrated, uniform and healthy. Vitamin C, ferulic acid and resveratrol are its star ingredients, but we must not forget that it also contains pomegranate, orange, grape and olive oil, all of natural origin and that will transport you to the Mediterranean countryside.

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